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UniFi Phantom Clients Cleanup


For some reason or other, I keep getting phantom clients in my UniFi Controller for my home network. I believe it has to do with some way in which I’m using Docker containers to run some services (including the Controller itself). I originally wrote this project in PHP and later added a Go version as I was learning Go at the time.

Essentially, this application finds any clients registered with the UniFi Controller which have no inbound/outbound traffic, nor any customized name, and removes it from the Controller. This helped me reduce the number of clients I saw at the time, 500+, down to to something like 80.

Please note that this does not appear to work with versions of the UniFi Controller 6.2 or older, possibly even 6.1 or older. They removed a key API call for some inexplicable reason - the call to forget a client from the network.